Itchy eyes. Runny nose. Itchy throat. Sneezing fits. ITCHING. 

What is more annoying than seasonal allergies?!

Claritin. Allegra. Mucinex. Allegra. Xyzal. Zyrtec. Benadryl.

Allergy shots. Sublingual allergy tablets.

What is more expensive than trying to control seasonal allergies?!

Do you dread certain seasons of the year? Do you dread every day of the year?! If you’re tired of the ITCHING and the MEDICATIONS and the SIDE EFFECTS and the INFLAMMATION, then we may be able to help you.


In simplest terms, an allergy is an inflammatory immune response to something the body sees as a threat. The body needs to stop the intrusion, so it creates mucus to capture the allergen (i.e. pollen) to prevent it from getting into the lungs.


We want to work with your immune system during allergy seasons so that your body does not HAVE to create an overwhelming inflammatory response. We balance the nervous system which brings balance to the sinuses. Balanced sinuses do not get inflamed (allergies) or infected (sinus infections).

For best results, we also want to address diet and eliminate foods that cause and perpetuate inflammation.


If you have year-round or seasonal allergies, let us help you experience relief. Call 615-610-6937 for a consultation.