Dr. Jae Hitson here. We are going to discuss something that women don’t like to talk about and men run out of the room to avoid – Female Reproductive Problems.

I am blown away by the amount of pain and suffering that women are enduring, and they aren’t talking to their doctors because they are too embarrassed or afraid they won’t be taken seriously. Even more upsetting, the women who havetalked to their doctors felt their issues were largely ignored! These women are facing dailystruggles with chronic pain and lack of energy typically accompanied by weight gain, painful sex, and moodiness (who wouldn’t be in a bad mood if they felt like their uterus was being twisted into a knot?!). Then they are facing monthlycycles with extreme, debilitating symptoms and a whole lot of misunderstanding.

As a chiropractor and holistic physician, I usually end up finding out my patients are having these symptoms by accident; I happen to ask just the right question that gets them to open up or I see something they list on their health history that causes me to dig deeper. Most people are unaware of the broad scope of what chiropractic and nutrition can do and are usually in my office because they want help with the low back pain that so often accompanies these conditions. But what it so unbelievable is how little help these women have been able to get from their doctors! They are being told there is nothing that can be done. Many have been put on anti-depressants and a variation of hormones, and even more have been told that a hysterectomy is the only cure (no, thank you)! So when they walk into my office, they are already so lacking in hope that they don’t even think to mention their symptoms!

In all the cases where we have seen results, the problem stemmed from one if not all three of these major factors.

  1. Nerve pressure or subluxation in the low back or upper neck. When a nerve is being irritated or impinged upon, the organs and tissues the nerve root controls have decreased function, and the patient experiences pain and discomfort. When I see swelling and fixation at the level of L3 (the 3rdlumbar vertebrae), a patient doesn’t even have to tell me. I already know she has problems in her reproductive organs (the only question is to what extent!). This nerve impingement is easily palpable during an initial exam. Low back pain and stiffness are the early indicators that subluxation is present.
  2. Pelvic shifting or twisting. This is where the pelvis has become stuck in an unbalanced position, a condition that is obviously visible on a standing x-ray. When the pelvis gets torqued, the internal organs (namely the bladder, bowels, and reproductive organs) sitting in the pelvic bowl experience tension from this malposition. Patients who have pelvic shifting can also be experiencing digestive or bladder issues.
  3. System toxicity. Bad dieting and consuming empty calories can lead to serious nutritional depletion. Combine that with the overwhelming toxic nature of the standard American diet, and there are not many Americans who aren’t dealing with some level of cellular toxicity. The major signs of this are bloating, headaches, trouble with weight, and fatigue.


Whether you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, hormonal imbalance, infertility, or any other disease of the female reproductive system, if your problem is being caused by a structural impingement and/or systemic toxicity, we can help. The first step is to get evaluated and see what is causing your problems. There is no need to suffer with these conditions. Call our offices and set up your evaluation.