High blood pressure (HBP) and high cholesterol are symptoms – they are not diseases. HBP is an indicator that something is going on in the body that needs to be addressed. Covering up HBP with statins and other types of drugs is not dealing with the issue. If someone with HBP does not deal with the true problem, he will start to experience other problems and issues with cardiovascular functions.


At TLC, we look at the WHOLE person. We take comprehensive X-rays to check for neurological and structural issues, and then we discuss diet and exercise. 

We do not treat HBP like a disease to be managed; we treat it like a symptom in the body that needs to be addressed.


“I have come off my cholesterol medication. I feel much better, my clothes fit better, and I’ve slept better. Everything seems better!” – Beth J.

“In 2 months, I’ve lost a little over 21 pounds. My blood pressure has gone down, and I’ve been able to get rid of one of my medications entirely. I expect to drop more in the coming months.” – Misty B.