If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, then you probably have a story to tell. You’ve had chronic pain, obviously, but the pain has been mysterious. Why do you have it? Where is it coming from? Are you injured? Is the pain emanating from a past injury? 

Worst of all…you might have been told it is all in your head.


Edward Ernst (2009) defines fibromyalgia as “a somatic syndrome associated with chronic widespread pain and functional disturbances, i.e. dizziness, palpitations, sleep problems, fatigue, anxiety and memory impairment” (p. 1175). Schneider et al. (2009) adds that fibromyalgia is “one of the most commonly diagnosed nonarticular soft tissue conditions in all fields of musculoskeletal medicine.”


We have a results-based approach to fibromyalgia. We provide general guidelines regarding eating, exercising, and supplementing, and combine that holistic approach with corrective chiropractic care. 


If you are suffering with fibromyalgia, then please come in for a consultation. Our fibromyalgia patients have experienced noticeable relief for the first time in years. Call us at 615-610-6937.


 “I used to have fibromyalgia symptoms and back pain, and they have diminished completely.” – Sheryl A.