Few things in life are more disheartening than chronic pain. Waking up in the morning, knowing that your body is going to begin complaining the second your feet hit the floor or – even worse, never getting relief from your pain overnight – causes everything from irritability to depression to despair.

Chronic pain can take many forms: carpal tunnel, bone spurs, arthritis, degenerative discs, fibromyalgia, and the list continues.

Chronic pain has become an epidemic in this country. Pain has three major sources: trauma to the body, toxins in the body, and thoughts that affect the body. Sometimes, patients suffer from 2 or more of these at the same time, such as trauma to the body and toxins in the body. Factor in extreme stress, and the body is assaulted on all fronts.


At TLC, we want to get to the root cause or causes of the chronic pain. We look at all the causative factors. After a comprehensive consultation, we will decide the best path to provide true healing. There is hope! Don’t stay in pain. Contact us at 615-610-6937 for a consultation.