Brad Luna

My wife and I been listening to the radio station for a couple years now, and we both decided it was finally time to start the program ourselves. There is a learning curve involved, and it is a lifestyle change. You will have to change your whole routine to get the weight off and get healthy. But, I have has been able to get off my blood pressure medicine, and soon my cholesterol medicine as well! I have been on these since I was 25, and now my blood pressure is better than when I was on the medication. Also, I have lost roughly 25 pounds. My metabolic age started at 70, and now it is down to 37. I’m feeling great!

Don Meyers

This program works! I used to be on high blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. Now, I am no longer on either. That’s going to keep me on the program!

Sheryl Ault

I am 40 days in, and have lost nearly 15 pounds. My metabolic age has dropped 13 years as well! But what I’ve been loving is that I am no longer in pain. I used to have fibromyalgia symptoms and back pain, and it has diminished completely. It’s very doable and so simple!

Chandler Ganick

When I started, I had a newborn and was the biggest I have ever been. I was trying to get healthy, workout, play basketball or run or something similar, but every time I did something would hurt. These speed bumps kept me from doing what I thought was right. I was exhausted as well. But I knew with my baby and wife, I couldn’t keep this up. My wife and I talked, and we agreed that if I was going to do the program, I needed to go all the way. I started in October at around 300 pounds and I’m now down to 198! Something to mention is that I’ve had Crohn's disease since 2006. Recently I went to get a checkup and they said that the disease was in remission, and that I wouldn't have to take my medicine anymore. It works! This program has changed everything for me.