Transformation Life Centers is the first and only cellular heath and coaching model in the world of natural healthcare. TLC exists to fully restore health at optimal levels-mind, body and spirit - so that you can live your best life now and be all that you were created to be. By improving health at the cellular level and nurturing the whole person, we are able to achieve life changing results for every age group and demographic.


Coach Scott Oatsvall

Coach Scott founded LT360 (Life Transformation 360) in June of 2014. He had been a high school teacher and college professor for 23 years, but a health scare in his 40’s forced him to re-evaluate his life. At the time he was close to 300 pounds and on five medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and hypo-thyroid.

In just eight weeks, following a simple blueprint he had developed, Coach Scott was off of all five of his medications. In a year he lost 100 pounds of fat and has kept it off ever since. Family and friends began to ask for his help in finding the same freedom, and, eventually, LT360 was born!

LT360 is about getting healthy at a cellular level. They strive to educate in the area of, health, nutrition, fitness, motivation, and education, while providing individual coaching to motivate every step of the way. The cellular health program gives the advice and support needed to reach goals and transition to a healthier lifestyle; Mind, Body, and Spirit. What started as a one-man operation is now a thriving, national business with thousands of clients in 29 states and nine foreign countries.

In 2018, Coach Scott sought to expand the level of care and treatment options to the clients of LT360. By merging with the evidence based natural healthcare system of corrective chiropractic, the cellular health paradigm of LT360 growing to whole new level of health and healing!

Dr. Jae Hitson

Dr. Hitson has been a doctor of chiropractic for almost 20 years. At the age of 15 she was injured in a sporting accident that left her with severe low back pain. Over the course of a few months, that low back injury manifested into immobilizing back spasms, shooting sciatica pain, neck pain, headaches, insomnia, and chronic vertigo. The medical clinics prescribed medications which made her worse and her condition continued on a fast steep decline. Left with no other options, she was taken to a chiropractor.

Within seconds of her first treatment, the months of agonizing pain, spasms, and immobility were relieved! Over the course of her corrective care, she made a full recovery and found her calling!

Over the last decade, Dr. Hitson has helped open 100s of clinics all over the country, taught 1000s of hours on chiropractic and natural health to doctors, staff, and patients, and mentored physicians nationwide.

Her vast training working with some of the best physicians in the world has accelerated her understanding of what is required to be truly healthy. Her own life experience has convicted her on the role diet, exercise, and the right chiropractic care play in living a life of not just health but abundant vitality!

Dr. Hitson and her team united with LT360 to offer the best and only natural cellular health program in the country. By combining the corrective and restorative care of chiropractic with the detoxifying and metabolic building properties of LT360, Transformation Life Centers can offer an new and unmatched level of quality and care.